Publication unique book on Eva Pierrakos

with the goal to raise funds to support students

In 2012 the Netherlands Institute of Core Energetics (NICE) has set up a foundation to support students with limited financial resources, and called it the Honouring Eva Foundation. Every year we support 12-20 students with a scholarship or a loan.

Now that we have been in existence for ten years, Riet Mellink and Corinne van den Bergh-Raat thought it was about time to honour Eva by creating a book. They have created an extensive, chronological biography of Eva, including excerpts of her book The Path to the Real Self  and parts from the remembrance book that was published after her passing in 1979. Paul Paquette (president of the International Pathwork Foundation) gave permission to use the beautiful biography of Eva’s early years.

Apart from the biography, it has become a book of interviews, starting with an interview with Eva in from 1976, by Charles Rotmil. In order to paint a full picture of Eva and her work, Riet and Corinne first have connected with a number of people who knew Eva in the flesh, who have worked with her in the Pathwork community in Phoenicia and New York.  After that they spoke with people who are continuing and expanding The Pathwork and Core Energetics now, to people who, like her, have channeled beautiful and deep wisdom, and finally even with the entity that calls itself the Guide.

Between April 2021 and March 2022 they have interviewed twelve people from the USA, Canada, Belgium and the Netherlands, aiming for a diversity of experience and age, so the picture they paint is multi-faceted. Twelve different perspectives, twelve different lives, twelve different energies. All these interviews took place between April 2021 and March 2022.

In June 2022 this book ‘Honouring Eva’ will be ready and we hope to sell as much copies as possible. All proceeds go to the Honouring Eva Foundation in order to support the students of the Netherlands Institute of Core Energetics.

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