In Memoriam
Cees van Loon

On Monday 22nd of August our beloved former chairman Cees passed away. Together with Melissa Alacheff he set up our Foundation, more than 10 years ago. On the news of his passing she wrote:

“Cees brought his whole heart to his life and to his family, friends, and community. He gave himself generously and was a source of inspiration to many. He was often silent without words, but his presence spoke deeply and intensely. One could feel Cees. His presence was like a tree, solid with deep roots and wisdom. He lived with purpose and meaning and wanted to contribute and be a source of goodness in life. Of this, there is no doubt that he succeeded. He will be sorely missed, but his presence will still be felt by those whose lives he touched. Thank you, dear Cees, for … everything. May you rest now in deep peace and with satisfaction over a life well-lived.”

In all these years Cees gave himself fully in supporting many generations of students in their process of growth. In any organization there are rough patches and growing pains. Cees always approached these with positivity and lightheartedness. With a great sense of responsibility he took his place of chairman and fundraiser. With his new official position as managing director of the Netherlands Institute of Core Energetics he took a step back from his official role in the Foundation. His heart and wisdom stayed connected to the mission of the Foundation.

There would be no Foundation without Cees and it will not be the same without him. The words “what would Cees do?” will stay part of our fabric.

Thank you, dear Cees, for all you were and all you gave, to the Foundation and to all the students supported. You will be missed. We love you. 

Bert, Christiaan, Corinne, Riet and Wiets

Honouring Eva

Supporting Talent

About Honouring Eva Foundation

Since 2010 the Honouring Eva Foundation has been supporting new talent. The Foundation is committed to make the Core Energetic Training open to everyone. In 2017-2018 the Foundation has been able to give 16 students financial support.

Funding/ In order to provide support to students money is needed. This is raised by generous gifts of our donors, contributions by students of the Netherlands Institute of Core Energetics, and by fund raising events like sales and recitals. The Foundation is non-profit, meaning that all raised funds are fully used for supporting the students. 

Support/ The Foundation provides financial support for students in both the two year Transformational Training and in the four year Professional Program. Any student with a strong motivation to start or continue can apply for support. Support is given in de form of loans and scholarships.

Large scale change starts with an individual’s own healing. By the virtues of the work healing spreads, community grows, and more unity is created in the world. Thanks to this approach, a wide diversity of people have experienced a meaningful turning point in their lives.

Application/There is a strict screening and monitoring process to guarantee the funding is well spent. Students who apply are asked to provide full transparency about their situation. For the full explanation on the process see our Application-page.

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There are several ways of donating to the Honouring Eva Foundation.
– One time donation: Choose your amount, press the [Donate]-button, and choose your payment method.
– Bank transfer: Transferring the amount directly to the Honouring Eva bankaccount.

If you transfer money through Paypal or Creditcard there is a sum that the Foundation pays to these providers. Please contact us if you want to make a larger donations so we can find the best method to transfer the money.

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Applying for a loan or scholarship

Do you have a strong motivation to start or continue with the 2- or 4-year training at the Netherlands Institute for Core Energetics? And is your financial situation insufficient? Then you can apply for a loan or scholarship.

Applications for a scholarship for the school period 2022/2023 should be submitted before 14th of August 2022.

You can find the application-form below in the following formats by clicking on the buttons:


Maximum of 4 a year, unsubscribing at any time