A little channeled art work.

A little channeled art work 

Our channeled art work is going to be specially made for you. To create it we connect with our essence and with each other. We attune to our spiritual connection and creativity and attune to you and the energy of your essence. It doesn’t matter if you live around the corner or on the other end of the world, energy flows. The only thing we need is your name, the place you live and one word or sentence describing a heartfelt wish for yourself. After we receive these things from you we start creating. You will receive the art work and a few words about what we received for you that is also captured in the painting.

The little channeled art work will be a surprise in material and size for you and for us. There is a maximum in measure though; 30×40 cm. As there are three of these art-works part of the auction the three highest bidders will be winners! Market value at least € 350,- per work of art. 

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